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With Solar Systems VI, the process of going solar has never been so effortless. Solar Systems VI provides a practical, hassle-free solar solution for conscientious homeowners and business owners who want to go green, save money, and take control of their power needs. As the largest solar contractor in the Virgin Islands, we offer alternative solutions for the variety of complex situations presented by our customers.

Most importantly, our professional and friendly staff will not only ensure that you get the ideal solution for your unique needs, but we will guide you through every aspect of converting to Solar Electricity. We even offer ongoing performance monitoring for extra peace of mind.

Of importance to our customers, due to the high quantity of installations we perform, our material purchasing power enables us to offer among the best prices in the Virgin Islands. And with a large inventory which we maintain in our St. Thomas warehouse, most projects can be completed within one week of your decision to go green!

Once we install your Solar Systems VI solar panels, you will no longer be subject to the ever-increasing costs of WAPA power. You will have purchased a power generation system that will supply your electric requirements for the next three decades!

You no longer have to be at the mercy of the utility company and rising energy costs!

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